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Thread: AGP & PCIe on same Mobo:- Possable

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    AGP & PCIe on same Mobo:- Possable

    For those who are not sure about going the PCIe path.. or currently have a AGP card and want to upgrade their Mobo, and have the option of PCI express in the future.. check out this review..

    i wonder how many manufacturers will follow this path.. or will it be like the Slot 1/socket 370 mobos of a few years ago.. I suspect the later..
    any hoo check out a review on one Here

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    Don't buy that a motherboard that has both an AGP and PCI-E port on it! The motherboard manufacturer is using a "cheat" in the motherboard design!! The north bridge doesn't support AGP and PCI-E in native support as the article said. This cut the performance by a lot! The AGP port is using "cheat" in the PCI-E port. It's like a very poor bridge between AGP and PCI-E. Either Nvidia or ATI created bridge to change their PCI-E Video card into AGP Card so this solution will not provide you the best performance from either the AGP card or the PCI-E Express Card.

    If you really want a PCI-E card now, you are stuck with Intel North Bridge Motherboard until the Nvidia or VIA are able to ship north bridge chip that are made for Athlon 64!
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