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    Can't see any popups here, only the banner at the top

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    I have never had popups before but have had 2 been blocked today

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    I never get any popups at all...

    But if and when im on XP... and I've just noticed that if I use IE on this computer then I'll have rare occasions which IE will make a beeping sound as if it's wanting to notify me that something has been blocked when I come across those black colored pages that redirect you to threads or the main area of the site. I think this is what your talking about? But still no popups though.

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    I caught me a pop up...

    It beat the FF blocker, if I wasn't off to class, I'd check out the source.

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    We occasionally run feedback surveys for use by Jupm, not sure if that's one of those or not. As I mentioned in another thread today, I have no control over ads served on this site; I can't do anything about their form or content. If you run into one of these popups, just close the window and get on with your day.

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