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Thread: antiporn software

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    antiporn software

    Im sorry guys if im wrong with thread post.

    Im having a headache regarding this porn sites.
    My customers inside the cafe always seems to be enjoying surfing porn sites.
    What I want to do is not to allow my customers to view this porn sites is their
    any freeware or shareware that will block porn sites. Im always having a hard time when it comes to Spywares, Malwares, my customer always download these pornographic materials is there a way to block this porn sites...

    Ok it seems that you had an idea regarding this guys...
    Im not feeling ok today guys.. pls. forgive...
    Im with my customers....


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    I don't know of any Free Softwares of such but there a quite a few of them you can buy................to make a decision here is a review of some of the more well known content filters....... Like Net nanny, Content protect, CyberSitter etc and their prices


    you can also try Block Porn......it's a 15 days trial but you would have to pay after that

    --Good Luck--

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    Why don't you put a web filtering proxy between your clients and the default gateway?

    You can then filter out what you want. If you want freeware (open source), look into squid and dansguardian.
    They run on linux, so the only thing you'd pay for is some hardware. Thats assuming that you don't have any spare hardware laying around.

    Norton internet security even has this filtering. Parental control. You create user accounts on the computer and then NIS will filter based on user account. You can customize the users to allow or deny content. I've set this up for a couple people at work with kids and high speed internet. Works great! Depending on how many PCs you have... NIS can get pretty expensive. for one or two machines its not bad. But how much $$ do you loose cleaning up the mess? Thats another thing to consider.

    You should also be restricting the rights of these users (access controls) and making them the least privledged. That will also cut down on viruses and spyware.

    Another thing I would do, if I were you. So you don't have to deal with spyware and virus infections... create ghost images of the workstations and when a problem comes up, just reimage the machine. Quick and easy.

    You want a really easy solution? Look into ipcop and use the squidguard or dansguardian add-on.
    IPCOP will provide you with a firewall, IDS, proxy, DHCP server, traffic shaping, DNS, VPN and a bunch more. Easy install and again, free software. You just pay for the hardware. It will sit between your clients and your gateway. If you don't know linux, this would be a great choice. IMO

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