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Thread: Looking for some tools

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    Looking for some tools

    I am calling all the techies out there to see if any of you have any suggestions for some hardware I am looking for. I need a networking kit.... I do a lot of contract work which keeps me doing a lot of various tasks: wiring, punch downs, etc.

    To date I have just borrowed my buddies paladin premise kit... Well its a really nice kit and I would love to have one like it BUT its like 400 dollars for this kit. What I am hoping is you guys might be able to recommend some different brands and/or locations where I can get a kit or various hardware individually. I looked on ebay but cant tell what is cheap crap and what wouldnt be bad.

    I need Punch down tool, cable testers, may or may not need tone generator.

    I have a couple of crimper sets, and a coax terminator.

    thanks for help as always
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    I (try to) get all my stuff from Jensen, but they're not exactly cheap...
    Here's a complete networking kit, for $340... if you want the case with it, it's $440.
    And then there's something like this which costs "only" $155... all high quality stuff, but a little overpriced. You can probably get all the separate tools at the Home Depot and Radio Shack for $25...

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    That paladin premise kit is pretty nice. I might have to pick up one of those.
    You can find them on froogle for about $320.

    When you think about it, its not that much. Just up your prices a bit on the installs until you pay the job pays for it. I have a toolbag that one of our vendors (phone company) gave me. They've given me a lot of tools that they had replaced with upgraded or newer versions. Since then I've just been adding tools here and there as I need them. IMO- The paladin premise kit looks like a very nice set. Stick with that if you can.

    All of the tools that Negative linked you to I've gathered up for less than $40 at misc. shops.
    I just don't have the handy case. I just keep them all in my toolbag.


    That is the one we have at the shop at work.
    But we have a lot of other tools that we've aquired over time.
    It costs a bit more than the paladin premise kit.
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