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Thread: ewido security suite

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    ewido security suite


    Look like another good anti-trojan/spyware scanner.

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    Thanks, I will give it a look. It seems to be a rival to PestPatrol.

    It is a German Company funded as follows:

    USA 70%
    Germany 15%
    France 10%
    Others 5%

    It was founded in 2002 and currently has 10 employees

    Currently claims to detect 63,614 malware items

    There is a 14 Day trial of the full product after which it reverts to an unlimited free version. The free version does not have interactive protection.

    I liked the compatibility listing where it tells you all the other AV/Anti-malware products it is compatible with (well, the ones they have tested). Conflicts can be a real pain with this sort of software, and the "big boys" don't seem to care, even though their products perform rather badly at detecting trojans and spyware


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