The user panel on the front page is starting to overflow with links and information. A lot of that information can, imho, be grouped. But my main gripe:
Private Messages
# You have 0 new message(s) since your last visit.
# You have 0 unread messages and XXX total messages in all your folders.
# You have no new AntiPoints since your last visit.
Can we remove these lines from the front page? I'm only interested in that information when I actually do have new, unread messages or new antipoints. Something like
PHP Code:
if (count($newmessages) &gt)
"You have ".count($newmessages)." new message(s) since your last visit."
This would push up the rest of the user panel about one third of a screen at my computer.

If, aside from this, some of the user-panel options would be grouped under one option ("Update your mood" and "Edit your avatar" could go in the "Edit your profile" page, for example), things get a bit more organized, and look a little less messy.