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Thread: Help! Anyone know this virus?

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    Angry Help! Anyone know this virus?

    I think I have a virus, but my virus software didn't find it and I cannot find any information online that is of any use. What's happening is that the computer screen is kinda flashing every so often. Also, the screen is skewed or pinched so that the bottom and top are too wide for the screen, but the middle is curved in. When I first start my computer, everything is fine, but then it will start to flash and each time it flashes it seems to make the "pinching" of the screen worse to the point where the Start menu and the time are off the screen.

    Before you ask, I have checked my refresh rate and the monitor settings. That didn't make any difference.

    Has anyone heard of this? Please help!


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    You have a Faulty monitor...

    It is a fault in the Pin-cusion correction circuits of the monitor.. perhaps even the deflection yoke..

    Get a lend of another monitor.. to prove the point..
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    Check your moniter and video card. Even tho i dount think it is your video card sow your moniter propley is falty.
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    Have you re-installed your system or updated it ? i know when i updated my friends computer to windows xp pro, the inter extereme graphics drivers were'nt installed and it had simiar problems you listed......try updating the drivers or downloading new ones if you did install a new OS !

    but, The Doctor is probably right....
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    faulty monitor or graphics card...maybe either are old? Perhaps even you bent a pin slightly when plugging in your monitor? theres nothing else that the above posts and myself havent said that it could possibly be (unless theres a really nifty virus ;-) )


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