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Thread: Laws & progs/docs on Servers

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    Question Laws & progs/docs on Servers

    I want just to know if it is legaly to keep pictures for desktop on company servers?

    I have downloaded pictures (about 600 MB) for 2 or 3 years ago from one site that does not exist any more and now I have place on one of servers(corporate server) where I can keep my stuff.
    Server have no internet connection and using just for intern storage of files and administration.
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    Are the pictures considered legal? If it's your porn collection your admin might be a little pissy.....

    What is the AUP for your company? Would it allow you to keep them there?

    Are disk quota's in effect for users of the server? If they are you might find that you don't have enough space for them anyway.....

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    No porr and incest and other illegal content.

    I studing and practise in this company and have also access to this server as admin. So space is almost unlimited but I cannot laws good enough.

    Do you know some page that have somthing about basic laws?
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    In this cae, the law doesn't matter. The company owns the sever, and they dictate what you can or cannot place on it, and how much space you can have. Ask their permission, not ours
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