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Thread: viewing client sesssion

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    viewing client sesssion

    I am just wondering if there is a way to view clients session or the client desktop screen from windows 2000server. It's just for knowledge, I got caught in the college. Wondering how did net admin knew I was browsing certein website? I have a same environment at home. It could be nice if I know, sorry if this is not an appropriate question.

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    Sure it is possible. They could have a hidden RAT (remote access tool) such as VNC on the workstations. They could then view exactly what you are viewing. However, this is unlikely because they'd have to have someone there watching you. That would be a waste both time and resources.

    They could have some other spyware on the PCs that take screenshots, log web activity, keystrokes, etc.

    Or, they could have simply looked at the web proxy logs.

    A web proxy server is a device that sits between the clients and the internet. It handles all the internet requests. If they have filtering enabled, the server will look at the filtering rules and decide if you are allowed to view that page. They could just be logging all web requests. Most colleges (that I know of) just log, don't filter. But, it might be different at your school or in your country?
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    I have been sitting here thinking of the best way to answer your question and then phish comes along and answers it in the best way.

    As long as you are using someone elses equipment, and/or network, they have the right and responsibility to monitor it. There is a bunch of different methods for doing just that. From simple keylogging to actually taking screen shots of the web sites you might visit.

    If you wish unmonitored access to the web, then you will have to set up your own equipment and provide your own access to the internet. Even then, depending on what country you might be in, the government may have activity logs of where you go and what you might do. ISP's also will maintain logs, but usually don't actively monitor them (they are just maintained for legal and forensic purposes).
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