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    You might have a conflict with card not supporting router or the other way around. Open IE and type in the routers IP address, a security box will pop up and ask you 4 your user name and password. Type admin, admin to get in. If you get the security box then its not the card, check router to see if the IP of your ISP is poperly configured reset everything to default to see if this will make the router connect, reboot router and modem and computer for one minute and restart one at a time starting with the modem. if you dont get security box then it will be a card issue. Try installing the software that came with the router and see if that fixes the issue with that card. also check online to see if your card is supported by your router. Might also need to run updates for 98se to see if there is a patch for this problem.

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    Alot of times what happens is there is a router already. Say a cable modem or DSL router set for DHCP which gives you an IP and DNS settings for the ISP. All is well. Then someone adds a wireless router also set to DHCP and they don't set the Wireless router's getway correctly (which is the cable/DSL modem) and then to top that off the wireless router gives out duplicate IP addressing thus causing conflicts and a failure to ping or connect. Windoze 98 won't tell you that either. It's will just fail. The router has you connected to it's own network. Chances are your gatway to the internet is also 192.x.x.1 causing a conflict and a guess on my part.

    //EDIT after reading your post again... Is the wireless router the SAME as your internet gateway?
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    Well, I finally managed to get XP reinstalled on it. After installing XP with SP2, the card worked fine and connected with no problem. Then the hard drive went bad, and it was all for not. Geez.

    But anyway, if for nothing else than education:

    Concerning the router/card compatability issue -- it's a Microsoft router. Can't get more generic than that. Could a card possibly not be compatable with an MS router?

    The router was configured to a gateway of 172.xx.xx.xx.

    Now some interesting points of consideration here:
    (1) Up to three comptuers have been connected (via wired, not wireless in their case) to the router successfully. I have two of them running online via that router 24/7.
    (2) Once XP SP2 was set up, I had no problems at all getting the wireless card to connect.

    So...I see the pieces here, but I still can't seem to put the puzzle together. Does anyone see enough clues here to draw a possible conclusion?

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    sometimes the simplest things trip us up

    always check the wep transmit default and use that code....

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    Quote Originally Posted by antidoteonme View Post
    always check the wep transmit default and use that code....

    I really hope this has been resolved in the 5+ years since the last post....
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    goodnight...........thread closed

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