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Thread: XP Password

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    how about you just grab a copy of winternals ERD commander and change the password to what you want (this includes admin password and any user password)

    also its a live distro, damn useful

    but if u wanna get the password, try Cain.....

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    To answer the question (WHICH WAS Okay I downloaded the Knoppix Software, but I don't know how to make a bootable CD ROM, I have the file both zipped as originaaly downloaded and unzipped to a folder, can someone help me out here?)

    Assuming you downloaded the correct file (should be an ISO file... if yours isn't, download the correct ISO, from here, for example), next step is to burn the ISO to a CD.

    Fastest, cheapest, easiest and safest solution: download ISO Recorder from here. Install it, then right-click your downloaded Knoppix ISO and select "Copy image to CD" (this right-click feature is added by ISO Recorder). Make sure you have a writeable CD in your drive, and burn it. Then reboot your computer, make it boot from CD and there you go...

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    Thank you all for your help so far. I am going to attempt this again tomorrow. My brother had another account on the machine - and I guessed the password for that one, it was "123" ...didn't I tell you he didn't use tough passwords? That user has admin rights, so I am able to see everything, mostly - I still want to figure out what his password is though. Silly me tried to copy the sam file from the other user account - tsk tsk cannot do that when it is in use - for those of you that offered help, THANK YOU! My story is true, this is something I wish I was fabricating. I have not had much time to try to crack the password, keeping my parents from falling apart is a job in itself. Hope someone is there to catch me when I fall.

    Thanks again, and if interested, take a look at http://www.adoptasaint.org/robert.htm - we have (with the help of an organization my brother belonged to) started a memorial computer scholarship fund and will award it yearly in his memory.

    I am currently working on the website for that.

    Thanks again, need some rest now, see ya all soon.


    I must have been tired, I forgot to send this last night.

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    Elizabeth ...

    You remind me of a person called Kevin Mitnick. Its pretty true that you don't need to know much about computers to break into one, if you have a pretty good social engineering skill !!.
    I really wonder why your late brother didn't tell you his laptop password when he was well ...

    Cheers ... And best of Luck

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