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Thread: what happened to my thread?

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    what happened to my thread?

    Yo, I had posted a thread about exploits here and now it's gone! If anybody remembers it pls reply. I didn't even get the chance to view my answers!
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    on a home page in the right hand corner is a forum search and there is advanced search
    click there and just look under your name and most likely u will find it there with some answers
    hope this help
    you will not find your thread always on the first page
    good luck

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    Well his post count equals 2 and his profile says he has started 2 threads but only lists this one.
    I would say off hand that a mod closed and removed his first thread for some reason.
    Check your PM's, they probably have PMed you with the reason.
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    A mod closed your thread, which is a bit of a shame, since no one will be able to read my caustic reply to your initial question.

    IIRC you were asking for some new exploits to be placed into the expoits section and I think I offered to mail you some.

    I also recall asking you if you had read the FAQ, which I would be suprised if you had.

    I think this thread is not in the correct section and would be better placed in GCC or Qn about AO

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