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Thread: Anonymous Proxy

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    Anonymous Proxy

    I was wondering if any of you guys knew of any good public or anonymous proxy servers that i could use. Thank you


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    Well, since I believe your not doing anything illegul here, I will give you a site with annoymous proxys on it.....


    Hope that helps!

    Google it!

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    If you are accessing your internet from a LAN, you may not be able to manually put in proxies the normal way (happened to me), but there are numerous ways to get around this.

    Most notably find a online anonymizer (MegaProxy has a freesurf, nice), or you may log into a shell account and use a text based browser such as lynx.

    Good luck

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    i am in a wirless lan that i set up and was wornding if that would cause some problems when i try to use a proxy server and if it might how could i get around it i have admin access to the netowrk so their is no problem making changes to the setup. i was just wornding because i have been thinking about using proxies for some time

    neavor mind i got it to work.

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