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    If you want to avoid spyware in the future, you might think about downloading/installing
    this free program>>


    It might help and can't hurt.

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    [glowpurple]Thanks I think I will get that....anything that can help keep the caaaa-caaaa out, I am all for!![/glowpurple]

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    thats great you got it all cleaned up, that system restore can be a pesky sun of a gun. Now you can help the next guy with spyware issues! ;-)
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    here's a link to a site that i think is essential in fighting spyware/viruses



    Background task which is part of the Mijenix Fix-it utilities. Fix-it was later bought by Ontrack, and then later by VCOM (V Communications) in October 2002. VCOM have since released Fix-It Utilities v5 (Thank you to the user who pointed us to the correct VCOM!!). MXTASK is part of the auto-update feature of Fix-It v4. It checks for updates to the Fix-It product and for antivirus pattern file updates.

    Recommendation :
    This task is an essential part of Fix-It Utilities v4 since it keeps your PC’s virus protection up-to-date with the latest viruses. Should you absolutely need to, you can disable auto-update (MXTASK) from running in the background under the Fix-It v4 settings.

    because the writers of this type of scumware get their inspiration from virus writers, if i were you i would turn off "system restore" thus deleting all the restore files. you can turn it back on once the system is clean. thisn(system restore) is becoming a favorite place to hide infections because of the inability of anti-malware programs to delete anything found there. after this is done restart in safe mode and run full system scans with everything you have then post a fresh hijackthis log

    because IETie.dll is not found when in safe mode i tend to think something that starts in regular mode is creating it at every boot.

    some other tools that are helpfull in getting rid of this and other crap:

    pstools from www.systernals.com and fport from www.foundstone.com
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    wildtangent is known to be spyware/adware.

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