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Thread: A quick tip to a secure Linux

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    A quick tip to a secure Linux

    Edit /etc/securetty

    Only allow TTY1 or TTY2 in this file, and you've just gave Tux Viagra. (Made Linux harder).

    By doing this, you are not letting root log in from ANYTHING OR ANYWHERE BUT TTY1 or TTY2.

    Meaning you can't log in as root directly from a remote location, and you can't log in as root from a GUI, and too use ROOT, you have to use "su" and type the root password, and then you can use root features.

    This can help you secure your Linux box and stop yourself from logging in too X as root, which is a bad idea anyway.

    So now too get rooted, someone has too break a Local account first, and of course, you still need too update. Root level exploits still do affect you, this is mroe of a physical / Local thing than Exploit.

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    Nice tip Gore...

    Might be better to suggest Bastille though - http://www.bastille-linux.org/ - doesnt require much skill to run, end up with a more secure box - also teaches noobs a bit on security and hardening as they run through it.

    just my 2c

    .....Brain Failure....dumping core.... z z z

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