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Thread: Funny but serious help w/ yahoo account

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    Funny but serious help w/ yahoo account

    This should prob be in the Humor forum but is very serious. So any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    OK Nov 5th 2004 i went out and got drunk. I got back and went on my comp, log into my Yahoo account and sent an email. Now thats all i clearly remember, the next day i try logging into Yahoo but to my surprise the password was changed. I tried using the password retriever but the zipcode was incorrect, i guess that night i changed it. Well i called yahoo and told them i dont know the zipcode but i know my date of birth and Yahoo Id, etc.. They couldnt help since i didnt know the zip that was used for the email. Well i checked my alternate email that is linked to my Yahoo Id. So i goto netscape(alternate email) and say what, there is a message in my inbox that says your Yahoo ID for Wildbill990 has succesfully changed passwords. I was like great, now why cant you show me the new password in the email, lol. Anyway i have had this account since 2002 so it is an important one i use, i just moved so i think i changed the zipcode like a week ago and forgot it or i was drunk and changed it. Either way i tried my old zip and new one and neither worked for password retrieval, if i could find that out i could then answer my secret ques and bam change to a new password. I am not a cracker or hacker and dont think its right, but i need help in anyway to get back into my account. Id prefer not hacking and if there is anyway i can get into my yahoo email then please help me out. Yea im a noob and read some of the threads in here where ppl ask how to hack into an account, im not asking for that but i really need some help and advice.

    The morale is dont mess with passwords or anything on your comp while drunk.

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    well mail to yahoo help and tell then that you lost your p/w, they will ask for your secret question , yes even though you get them wrong in the first sew tries just mail them the changed p/w mail to them and then ask them that that this was the mail id which you gave while sigining up and now you forgor the p/w .

    belive me the yahoo people after a few mail will mail you back the p/w ,though they will change it.

    even i had the same problem but i was not drunk !!i just forgot my secret question 's answer

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