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    How to Erase a Hard Disk so data is not recoverable....

    1. Use the Hard drive for target practice, misses do not count!!

    2. Take apart the hard drive and trash the platters

    3. Drop the hard drive off a 10 story building on to cement pavement road
    (Do not hit cars or people...that does not count!)

    4. (My Favorite!) Use a TV de-gousing Ring (commerical grade!)
    and de-gouse or de-maginetise the hard drive.
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    powerful magnet or a microwave oven(dangerous if u don't know what u are doing!)
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    I prefer to live dangerously. I would just delete the incriminating data
    and then sell the box to a retired IRS agent to surf the web with. Then they would
    have the evidence right under their noses and never know it. Maybe a future historian
    would eventually discover it in a church yard sale and write a pulitzer prize
    winning book exposing my crimes, but ive been long dead by then and don't care.
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    Check this guy out. The way the overwriting is done is important and how many times for a good format...
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    degaussing your HD is the way to go... Thats what we did in the Gov when we had classified information. However, be warned, degaussers are very expensive.
    Putting it in the microwave, as previously suggested, would be very dangerous (due to a possible leak of EM waves rebouncing off the metal components of the HD), plus, you could simply damage it (no more pizza pops for you!)
    For floppies, we would break open the floppy, (after having thouroughly erased the content), take the medium , sandwich it between two pieces of paper and put it in a cross-shredder.
    For cds, there are utilities and hardware to remove the first layer of a cd, removing the data it once had but again, its pricy.

    hope this helps,

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