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Thread: Christmas List 2004

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    Christmas List 2004

    At this time last year i posted the same thing.
    So here is the 2004 version. -->

    I'm interested in what everyone will be hoping to get under their trees this year.

    I do realize that some of the countries this website reaches might not even celebrate Christmas and there is a large mixture of religion amongst us. I mean no offense to anyone so I will broaden my question to.

    If you had to make a list of things you would like to receive as a gift what would be on it? This could be for a holiday or any other type of special day your culture celebrates.

    Personally I’m hoping for parts to build a laptop with. Namely An Asus 2000hn whitebox, Pentium M 1.7 Ghz processor, 40gb 5400rpm harddrive, and enough memory to get me to the moon.

    Now I’m sure I’ve expressed my youth in the way I’m asking what you want for the holidays, but I’m truly interested in you guys I look up to the sear brilliance you express in all the stuff on this site.

    Anyways this is just some general chit chat.

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    I want a 10gbit fiber backbone ran into my house and about 200 quad xeon servers to go along with it.

    I'll be happy with that lol

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    The new IBM Supercomputer would be a good start for me
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    Hmm... I'm hoping to get a membership to a gym. I've put on a couple pounds over the past year and could stand to loose em. (not that bad though, just like 10lbs)

    I want some more memory for my cisco 831 router.

    other than that... some new work clothes...

    oh yeah... some booty. there is nothing like some christmas booty... my girl all dressed up in that christmas victoria secret outfit.... mmmmm...

    thats it! I'm being realistic this year.
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    A very nice laptop.. a very very nice laptop.. or for a merry Christmas.. I'll have her chest...

    but then the P4 3.2cpu instaed of the crappy celeron that i got.. thats what I really want for christmas.. of that and world peace and godwill to all mankind.. you know the easy stuff

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    A new router. Ive got everything that i need for a good solid network except the fact that your truely, is an idiot and forgot the password to his router. So now im stuck with the current configuration. The good news about the whole situation is after much pen testing i can honestly say that atleast i set it up tight before i forgot the password.

    Oh yea and one of those fancy one cup coffe makers and some gourmet beans/grinder. I dont drink alot of coffe so a full pot is too much. Oh yea and a new pizza stone since i droped mine on the ceramic tile. ceramic tile+pizza stone == need new pizza stone

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    Oh... this is what I want under my tree this year..


    A new exhaust (as well as air filter and jets) for my YFZ450. Makes the quad so much faster.

    Cheyenne: Carefull what you wish for.... think of all the power those Xeons would consume....
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    What do I want for Christmas? Let's see:

    I want a holiday spent with my family, all of them. I want a good filling dinner with plenty of good company. I want a Christmas without having to listen to my brother and sister fight about things that happened 20 years ago. I'd dearly love to see my kids, neices, and nephews not be so greedy and selfish about things, and not whine when things don't quite go their way. I want to see less commercials on TV about Christmas and how they're all cutting their prices just in time for the holidays. I want to drive by a Wal Mart and see an empty parking lot because folks came to their senses. I want to shoot, kill, skin and eat a nice sized buck. I want to make passionate love to my wife and enjoy cuddling in the afterglow, without the phone ringing to interrupt us. I want a Christmas filled with glad tidings and joy instead of worry and exhaustion. In fact, I might take a page from Grisham and just skip Christmas this year, opting instead to celebrate the church side of the holiday in favor over the commercial one. Most of all, though, I want to catch a good flick on AMC and tell the problems of the world to go screw themselves.
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    For Christmas, hmmmm.....ADSL at home wouldn't be too bad...and some components to set up a 100mb/s network at home too. A LinkSys router, CAT5s, etc...enough to keep me busy for the whole of Christmas!

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