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    How about this?

    Start -> run..

    Now drag 'n drop your compiled program into the command shell and press enter.
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    Dia_Byte, keeping compiler options default severely limits what you can do. I think that what C_Programmer was saying about changing the options is quite pertinent. If you are developing a console application and want to run it using your ide, then you should make sure that the options are set up right.


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    you're right and i know that

    but if you don't know what you're doin you might not have a compiler any more !!!

    using bad options might result in unexpected error

    so you better know what you're doing
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    Bloodshed runs on linux, it uses the GNU Compiler Collection, among others, if memory serves...

    While the cin >> x; method is indeed a viable cross-platform solution, and though API calls do tend to slow down program execution, seeing as this snippet is located at the very end of Main, it shouldn't make a difference. Either way; you choose, provided you're running Winbloze.

    I, personally, didn't know about this system call (I write most of my C-style code in C#), and thought it was interesting enough for Dia to have shared it with the rest of us.

    I...never...would...have...thought...of...that... (Fushi kicks himself repeatedly) I could've saved month's worth of time spent "cd" ing into and out of folders by now had someone told me that :P

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