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Thread: Sound card input senseing

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    Question Sound card input senseing

    I really would like some help with a program i am developing. it's going to be open source, as soon as theres source to have open. I want to write a program that will sense sound card input (a signal going to the "mic" plug). i have started researching to see which language i should use but any redirections would be welcome. PLEASE HELP!!
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    I'm not a programmer, so I'll be of little use to you.

    But, why don't you see if there is already some open source software that you can take and modify to fit your needs? After all... thats what open source is all about. Take the code and modify it and then release what you have created or improved on.

    Any idea what you want your program to do?
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    i didnt think about looking for anything that may already be out there.

    what i want to do is hook my stereo to my computer and setit up to litsten for a signal coming in through the mic jack and start recording. i work different schedules from week to week and miss my talk radio. i figured id someone could help i might not miss as much.

    from the little research i have done it looks like i may want to use assembly, but still no descisions yet.
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    I have a good tip!

    Put this in the General Programming Questions instead of Hardware. The will be more people who know about the stuff you need to know about there than here, so you may get more help.
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    You may not even have to do any programming of your own. It is pretty easy to buy a TV & Radio Tuner add-on card for your computer. And most of it includes basic software that includes recording things at certain times, and saving it as an MP3.

    Although most are cheap and their TV functionality relies on your computer's CPU to decode/encode MPEG streams (this can easily eat up avaliable processing power), I don't think FM Radio takes up too much processing power. Checkout www.newegg.com to see what you could buy (and the prices are generally awesome). You might also consider www.zipzoomfly.com .

    Be sure to checkout reviews for different cards that interest you since the software they come with varies a lot, and the quality among brands also fluctuates.

    Hopefully this is what you were looking for?

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