i was wardrivin today out havin fun and just messin around, found the usual 'default' 'linksys' and the stupid stuff people dont change, found only a couple wep enabled AP's, and then....i found a ssid of 'finance' as i was driving by a bank. i pulled over and parked, and sat there in awe. a banks finance department, using wireless that is un-encrypted (even if it was it'd be crackable) i didnt know what to do. i always do everything legal and dont actually connect to AP's, just log traffic with kismet and airsnort, finding anywhere from 80 to 120 wireless AP's. so im in a pickle, do i just let the bank go by their business, and hope nothing bad happens, or should i let them know....'hey your broadcasting your customers financial information out in the public air unecrypted for anyone to see' and risk gettin a bad look and in trouble (i havent done anything legal but they might freak out) or what? really i'd like some advice on what to do. i know its not illegal just wardrivin only when you connect to them, and i havent connected. i'd like to inform them and maybe tell them to set up wep or wpa or whatever just to keep anything from bad happening, but i also might get in trouble for stumbling accross a bank institutions unencrypted network...advice please??? thanks.