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    hehe Thanks Tiger, but I wasent the one with the original post here :-)

    At least i think it looks like your trying to offer me a hand by your post, but I wasent the one who brout up the topic with the problem.

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    there are a lot of valid points displayed here. i also have done a lot of legal wardriving. One thing you have to realise is even though the network is unencrypted, the programs they use, and how they communicate could have encryption or security measures in themselves.
    I have found the certain speed camera on bridges use wireless unencrypted. even though they are unencrypted the programs and protocols they use are encrypted at a more software level u could say.

    if i was in yoour position, i would be careful of crossing any lines u shouldnt, go anonymous letter (like cacosapo said) if anything

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    Question Unsecure wireless

    I fine it so amazing how many people do not secure their WAP's. I don't even know why I pay for broadband anymore, when I could just get it for free in the comfort of my own home. The way I look at it there are 3 ways to deal with unsecure WAPs.

    1. Do nothing and use the hell out of it.

    2. Connect to the router, see what machines are on the router and net send them a message telling them that their router is unsecure.

    3. Connect to the router, change the admin password (odds are it is default), and lock the router down so that only your mac address can connect through it. This way is fun, but not very nice. It as also a waste of a good WAP.
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    I'm not really sure why people are being cautios about the OP just going in the bank or hospital and reporting the incident. I would be more inclined of going in just because it might lead into some side work.

    By the way, did I miss the outcome of this story? Did the OP go in the bank?

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