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    why install software containing spyware/adware when you can use a windows port of strings to get all the info you need?

    C:\DOCUME~1\tedob1\APPLIC~1\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\aiw5uwab.default>strings history.dat>hist.txt

    this will dump the entire contents of the history.dat file or any dat file for that matter into a text file

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    For reading .dat files (if you are on a budget like most of us)
    use Pasco from foundstone. It does the trick very easily.

    Tedob also has the right idea, but if you are going to go ahead and get strings, might as well get a lot more at the same time. unxutils.sf.net has a bunch of goodies. just toss it in to your %PATH% and you've got basic *nix functionality. It's a lot smaller than M$ SFU, and cleaner than cygwin.

    For those of you *nix junkies like me, go here, and get some of the foundstone proggies in source.
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    Thanks hog...great tool, thanks for the tip. They have a decent whitepaper called Forensic Analysis of Internet Explorer Activity Files located there as well http://www.foundstone.com/pdf/wp_index_dat.pdf for anyone out there who's interested.

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    Are you guys sure that the index.dat files etc will help here? I mean isn't he using Mozilla?
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