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    The Prancing Pirate
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    How did YOU learn?

    To put this bluntly, how did most of you learn how to test for penetration (not to use the H word) and do other stuff? You can't learn that much by just experimenting, so how did you learn? By books, friends, or other people online? I'm just interested...

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    I'm in the process of learning, and I find using other people is the way to go. AO tutorials are a great start...

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    Just a Virtualized Geek MrLinus's Avatar
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    My methods of learning include (but not limited to the following):

    - books on specific and general computer topics
    - manuals
    - experimentation
    - talking with others
    - forum discussions and reading forums
    - mailing list discussions (primarily Full Disclosure)
    - teaching and getting feedback (if you can explain it, generally you understand it).
    - going through concepts in my head (generally the "What if ..." kind of scenario stuff)

    There is, IMO, no single path to enlightenment. It's all a matter of how curious and dedicated you are.
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    The Prancing Pirate
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    Thanks guys, anyone else wanna contribute...
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    i use to learn about those tools and technics on foruns like this. Someone bring the subject, i do some more research and TRY it. For me its the best path for learning. Read others' tuts and articles, research about it and try it on a controlled environment.
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    Playing wargames with other techie people..

    I like going to security events / on-topic lan parties..

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    College and Personal Experimentation
    Security is an ongoing subject to learn.

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    Just like you mate I'm still learning as well. Mostly just through experimentation, sometimes through other mates.

    Anyway at least it's good to see that everyone is willing to help you.

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    Button Moon
    Pah, the Guide to Mostly Harmless Hacking of course! ;-)
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    When I was very young I copied a version of Visual Studio from a family member. The end.

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