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Thread: what went wrong?

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    what went wrong?

    greetings everyone...

    so i switched on my comp one day... and just as it loaded to the WinXP graphic... the monitor's on/off light keeps blinking... & the comp just hanged there.

    i decided to reformat my comp & see maybe that will do it... upon reformatting, things run smoothly until i wanted to install software, then the same problem occured.

    now, when i switch on my comp, i wouldnt be able to get past the WinXP graphic. instead, the monitor's on/off light will blink... & the comp just hanged.

    i wonder what's wrong with it?
    any input is appreciated, thanks.

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    Step 1 - tell us specifically what kind of computer you are using.

    Step 2 - tell us what kind of antivirus software you're running.

    At a first glance, it sounds like a conflict issue with a certain software you tried installing - did it hang when you tried that same one the first time?
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