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    And for those who haven't got it yet :

    Not hard to find. Same avatar, same website.

    Strange behaviour, must be something in the beer over there.
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    I can make a thread go "positive" only just tho.. not extremely positive
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    I used ti be able to make it go extremely positive, trust me, it's a long way

    wow, he was a senior with 610 posts and a wholla lotta AP's (yeah right) i didn't even notice a senior named lepricaun untill now.
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    omg just leave the ap system alone or scrap it
    Agreed to the fullest extent. You know things are bad when you have this large and very ugly looking "thread AP" feature thingie that clearly has no purpose other than to look ugly & lay on top of my daily news paper funnies pages, commonly called AntiOnline's content.
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