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I know that TH13 normally does Official nmap releases and that most people usually don't care about unofficial releases, but I decided to mention this one because it contains a few useful updates. Namely a memory leak fix when scanning large networks, a fix for IP Protocol Scanning (-sO) on Linux and a couple XML fixes.

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o Fixed a memory leak that would generally consume several hundred
bytes per down host scanned. While the effect for most scans is
negligible, it was overwhelming when Scott Carlson
(Scott.Carlson(a)schwab.com) tried to scan 24 million IPs
( Thanks to him for reporting the problem.

o Fixed a bug in ACK scan that could cause Nmap to crash with the
message "Unexpected port state: 6" in some cases. Thanks to Glyn
Geoghegan (glyng(a)corsaire.com) for reporting the problem.

o Change IP protocol scan (-sO) so that a response from the target
host in any protocol at all will prove that protocol is open. As
before, no response means "open|filtered", an ICMP protocol
unreachable means "closed", and most other ICMP error messages mean

o Changed IP protocol scan (-sO) so that it sends valid ICMP, TCP, and
UDP headers when scanning protocols 1, 6, and 17, respectively. An
emtpy IP header is still sent for all other protocols. This should
prevent the error messages such as "sendto in send_ip_packet:
sendto(3, packet, 20, 0,, 16) => Operation not
permitted" that Linux (and perhaps other systems) would give when
they try to interpret the raw packet. This also makes it more
likely that these protocols will elicit a response, proving that the
protocol is "open".

o Null, FIN, Maimon, and Xmas scans now mark ports as "open|filtered"
instead of "open" when they fail to receive any response from the
target port. After all, it could just as easily be filtered as open.
This is the same change that was made to UDP scan in 3.70. Also as
with UDP scan, adding version detection (-sV) will change the state
from open|filtered to open if it confirms that they really are open.

o Fixed a crash on Windows systems that don't include the iphlpapi
DLL. This affects Win95 and perhaps other variants. Thanks to Ganga
Bhavani (GBhavani(a)everdreamcorp.com) for reporting the problem and
sending the patch.

o Ensured that the device type, os vendor, and os family OS
fingerprinting classification values are scrubbed for XML compliance
in the XML output. Thanks to Matthieu Verbert
(mve(a)zurich.ibm.com) for reporting the problem and sending a patch.

o Changed to Nmap XML DTD to use the same xmloutputversion (1.01) as
newer versions of Nmap. Thanks to Laurent Estieux
(laurent.estieux(a)free.fr) for reporting the problem.