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Thread: SuSe Linux questions

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    Question SuSe Linux questions

    Hi all..
    Do anyone knlow where can I find SuSe Linux Pro 9 ???
    Im using Fedora2 now but I want to see the difference.
    I did download the Personal edition from this site: www.linuxiso.org but the PRO edition wasnt available... Is it available for download from another site??
    Of coures the problem is that SuSe versions can NEVER be found where I live !!! Most linux users use RedHat...
    Another question:
    When I installed the SuSe personal 9.1 to my PC ... the installation was launched succesfully but when the status bar reaches 100% it stops for ever without changing the screen . Ive tried many times with no use!!!
    ( im using a Pentium 4 with 2.0 GHz cpu and 128 RD-RAM....)
    So whats the problem?

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    The legal way:

    Also, have you tried looking at the details to see where it freezes? (Gives you that option on startup)
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