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Thread: Access pw recovery

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    Access pw recovery

    I should have known better to not write it down (password to an access project)... and I suppose i could start over on it but I have put a good deal of work into it. I have heard that there are some good utilities out there (cheap..? or better.... free!) that would be able to eithe rdisable or show me what my password it. Also, to prevent this happening again are those password storage utilities secure? Thanks y'all

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    Try here.

    It's a demo version and only shows you the first two characters but it might give you a clue. If not there are dozens out there that will do it for you.... You just need to decide how much you want to pay.
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    Which version of Access?

    No, Access is not secure, and No, you don't password protect until it is complete..............?

    Yes there are tools out there, but have you actually got that far?

    The version is important

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    well i don't know from were you can download it but there is passware password recovery Kit for many programs including access it is very fast and effective ...
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    cain and able cracks the whole password. works great.

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    I have used Elcomsoft's products before. It looks like Access is a fairly simple one to crack. I have used their Zip recovery & Acrobat zap - they work pretty well. They usually have a demo which will crack up to 5 character PWs before you have to purchase.
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