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    From the first time i connected my Comcast Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 Series modem the Remove Hardware safely icon appeared, why is it there ? the cale modem is connected via USB and not Ethernet (although im thinking about buying an Ethernet card ( is ethernet better than USB?), also the modem kicks me offline usually when i recieve over a million packets .....i wanted to see if you guys have any ideas before i contact them....
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    I use century tel and with their DSL modem you can use USB or Ethernet. At first I used USB, but one of the techs I talked to strongly recommended that I switch to ethernet.

    Anytime you plug in a USB device windows always shows you that Remove hardware safely icon. Its a way of "shutting off" the device so no possible damage couldbe done.

    I highly recommend yo use the ehternet portion. I belive you will find that the disconnect problem goes away, and besides I belive its easier to manage when you have a ethernet connection.

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