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Thread: interfering noise on headphones

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    interfering noise on headphones

    hi there
    i have not instaled or changed anything but when on headphones i can hear this little like interfering noise.did not happen before.
    it happens all the time it doesnt go away, even when not on the nett.-was thinking signals from router maybe interfering)
    any suggestions.dont have spare headphones but would try that first to eliminate this ones(multimedia verbatim)
    xp pro asusa7n8x-x with integrated sound

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    wriggle the plugs..


    When you use the term "Interfering Noise" you could mean any bloody thing..

    is is a hissing noise, like air escaping from a balloon
    scrapping noise like some one crinkling paper

    either of these could be an electicly noisey connection at the phono socket at the computer.. give the plug a rub with a alcohol soaked rag.. then plug back into the headphone socket and wriggle it..
    could be other cause like a faulty solder connection on your motherboard.. but start with crud on the connections for now..
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    Or where you have the wire running. Is it picking up interference from a cordless phone, router, or some other piece of equipment the cord is running near?
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