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Thread: Changing passwords without knowing the old one

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    Post Changing passwords without knowing the old one

    This "tip" has the ability to be used for both right and wrong reasons. Hopefully you will use it ethically.

    Firstly in order to view all users accounts even hidden ones.

    1. Start > Run> cmd
    2. Within "cmd" type "net users" then hit enter

    This will display a list of all user names (not a bad little command to remember)

    Now you know the username of the account whose password you want to change

    Now to change the password without knowing the current password

    1. Log onto the computer with an account that has administrative rights
    2. Start > Run > cmd
    3. Within "cmd" enter the command "net user %username% *"

    where it says %username% enter the username whose password you want to change. If the username has a space in it for example like "John Doe" place "" arount it. So the command for a username with a space in it would be C:\net user "John Doe" *

    4. It should now ask you to type a new password for the user. Be careful of what you type however as the password as you type it will not be displayed


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    Nice little tip. Hopefully everyone uses it for the right reason.

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    If you already have admin rights on the box anyway, changing a user password is the least of worries.

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    Nice tip that can be used to help people recover there passwords. Hope fully every one use's it for the right reason's. Thanks
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    Re: Changing passwords without knowing the old one


    Well first thing its an old trick already been posted at AO. The second thing it only works if u get logged in into the system with other account wht if u forgot the password of the account and there is no other account than that ?
    Wht if the you dont have the privilages to access cmd?

    Anyway u can access the cmd even if u dont have the right to accesss there is a very nice n easy way but not concern with this thread.
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    I find it irrelavent that it is only possible if you can already log on .. or that you already have admin rights .. what sbin has shown us is another way of changing a users password that is not the conventional way ... its a good tip and I know I have learned something new

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    You can also change any account password without knowing the old one using the Computer Management console in Windows XP.
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