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    Audio drivers

    Hi there all,

    About a week ago I reinstalled my windows xp. Everything pretty much went off without a hitch except for two things. One was that my computer was not recognizing the NIC card that it has had in it since purchase. When I went into the device manager it was telling me that there were no NIC cards installed at all. This was not a big deal as I just happened to have a NIC card new in the box lying around the house . Popped it probs.

    The second problem I had is a little tougher. I am not getting any kind of audio . On one hand I get an error message that tells me there are no sound devices installed, BUT when I go into the device manager I am seeing audio devices that the device manager says are "working properly". What I am thinking is that it might be easier to just buy a sound card (don't have one of those lying around the house unfortunately... ) and stick it in there.

    I hesitate a bit to do that though because unlike the problem with the NIC the device manager is telling me that all of my audio stuff is in there and working properly. Maybe I just lost the drivers? I do NOT want to go through the xp reinstall again just to try to get the drivers......

    I am basically at a loss on this one and will take any suggestions that come my way.


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    Sounds 95% like a driver problem. Especially if it was working fine before you re-installed XP.

    Do you have on-board sound or an actual sound card installed?

    If you have an on-board sound controller, you will need to visit your Mother Board manufactures web site and download the relevent drivers. If you dont know thw make/model of your mobo just take a quick look inside your box and with a bit of luck it will be printed on the mobo somewhere.

    If you have a sound card - same sketch, take a look at the make/model of it and goto the manufactures web site and get the drivers for it.
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    Give me your e-mail and i'll send you a program that'll help you 90 % .....
    I had the same problem after upgrading a friends comp to Xp Pro, and i downlaoded this rpogram and it fixed it in 2 minutes. I can't find the file online anymore, but i have it on CD, so if you wanna give me your e-mail address, i'll send you the zip file. Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    Do you Have a CD for the Motherboard? and if you do Did you use it to install the Drivers for your network and sound?

    And 妯py展ght.. I'm interested in tthe tool you talk of.. can you let me know what it is.. please
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    It's too big to upload it here, i'll upload it to my server tonight and post the link

    ok it was an .exe, some of you might be suspicious so i put it in a zip file so you guys can scan it before unzipping

    the oroginal filename is 97_98SE_ME_2000_XP.EXE Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    I am thanks

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    willowmoon, i uploaded it to my website.....

    download it from there.... Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    the manufacture of the computer will have all the drivers you need for that computer. go download the drivers from there normally there will be several different drivers there other than just sound, the nic card driver will be there also. download them all and save them to a disk so if you ever reinstall again you will have them on hand. XP also comes with a tool that will tell you what hardware will be incompatiable when upgrading.

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