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Thread: Phishing Attempt or Legit

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    Phishing Attempt or Legit

    Hey Hey,

    My buddy recently forwarded me two email responses he's had to ads he placed on the internet. They are for two Guitar Pedals... and the responses seem very queer to say the least...

    Email 1
    From: john miller <johnmiller2k@yahoo.com>
    Subject: payment and shipping/pickup arrangements.....
    Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 20:17:54 -0800 (PST)

    Hello Dean,

    Thanks for your mail i want you to know that the price
    $140 is okay with me.Inrespect of payment i have a
    client in the U.S who is owing me $2,170. All i need
    to do to make payment easier and faster is to instruct
    him to issue a cashiers check and mail it to you on
    the address and name you want on the check and you
    know it takes 24hrs for a cashiers check to clear in
    the U.S.But i would want to know if i can trust you to
    send my balance to me via western union or money gram
    after the money must have cleared in your bank to
    enable me prepay the shipping company here so that
    they can instruct their office in the U.S to come and
    pick it up from your location.pls mail me asap to
    enable me arrange payment.Furnish me with your name
    and address,so i will forward it to my client for

    Thanks and GOD bless,

    Email 2
    From: "martins jeff" <martinsjeff_09@keromail.com>
    Subject: Payment And Shipping .......
    Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 07:52:45 +0800

    Thanks for the mail have being expecting your feed back. I really appreciate your response and your willingness to sell the Boss DD-5 delay pedal and BF-2 Flanger to me.I'm ok with your stated total price $240. I will arrange for the shipper that will be coming for the pick up. I will instruct my client to procure a cheque of $4,000 US dollars and send it to you to make this transaction fast and to avoid time wasting. As soon as you received the cheque you will send the excess funds to the shipping company through western union money transfer because is preferable to them(kindly let me know if i can trust you on this) . Immediately they will be coming for the pick up so that they can complete and arrange the paper works,customs and duties. They will come for the pick up at the moment everything is in place as i will really appreciate your efforts towards making this possible (Note my shipper will be coming with some other consignment of mine) Endeavour to email me your mailing information so that the cheque can be written out in your f avo ur. Do send me the following information for my client to be able to prepare you the cheque without any further delay
    CONTACT ADDRESS...................
    POST CODE........
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    They look like scams to me, but I figured I'd see if anyone else had seen anything like this..


    BTW... If anyone wants the pedals send me a PM :P heh
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    The 2nd one is definately questionable. I'd have a gut feeling that cheque will eventually bounce. And after reading the first one, I'd say that one is questionable too. Almost makes me think Nigeria Scam. It makes no sense to send too much money and have the rest returned (money laundering!?). If they cannot pay the full value up front, without some kind of story, then they shouldn't have bid on them.

    And a little search on Google netted this result.

    As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true, it probably is..
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    Don't touch either with a barge pole...... Simple as that.... They stink.....
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    It's a scam. Take a look at the first two articles on this page. BTW they do classify this as a form of the Nigerian scam.

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