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Thread: Perl Vs C++

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    Perl Vs C++

    Hey all

    Im just about to start development work on a project with several friends.

    My question here is what advantages / disadvantages and what are the differences between Perl and C++ in terms of development.

    Its just we have a programm written in Perl designed to run on Posix ( unix, linux, bsd etc ) and are planning to develop other applications as part of it to run on windows systems.

    Is it worth rewritting the code from Perl to C++ ?


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    Erm, if you don't know already then I'd recommend actually looking it up. Opinions on this forum will vary, most will not be educated, and very few will actually be relevant to your project.

    The first part of any project should be research into the best technologies to use to implement your solution and analysis/design of the solution itself.
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    Windows is theoretically POSIX compliant.
    There may be minor environmental changes to make, but by and large you can port your perl directly over and it should run fine (assuming Windows really is POSIX compliant).
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