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Thread: Your Windows Security software

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    Your Windows Security software

    I know there have been quite some threads on security software, but I don't think I've seen one yet on what combination of software you guys use - and I'd like to know
    I'd limit this to your personal box at home - software, not hardware. Also, I'm not interested in how many anti-adware's you have installed; I'm just looking for the resident stuff you have running.

    What (software) firewall do you use? In combination with what AV? Any issues?
    What other software do you use? How do you like it?

    Here's my set-up on my laptop:

    Firewall: Kerio unregistered free version (4.1.2)
    AV: Avast free version (4.1-501) with all resident shield on high alert

    DiamondCS's RegistryProt

    Spybot's resident scanner

    Agnitum's Tauscan

    I've been using this combination since the link to PrevX was first posted here, and I really like PrevX.
    My combination may be a little overkill, though. If I install new software for example, WinPatrol must allow it, PrevX must allow it, RegistryProt must allow it, and Kerio must allow it...
    They all seem to have some unique capabilities, though, and often one will catch something that the others don't.

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    Are you nucking futs?????

    Get rid of PrevX.... I used it for a month... It's fine until you install something then it goes crazy.... It's too "real time" and it forces you to accept every reg change made. Some progs make a lot of changes and you will be bugged by dozens and dozens... I can see it screwing an install up at some point leaving you with a messed up box.....

    Winpatrol is fine because it looks every three minutes and asks if X should be allowed to remain installed... If you say no it kills the important stuff.

    I dunno about regprot but it's basically the same as the other two.... You really don't need all three. The combination of the firewall, the AV and Winpatrol is more than enough.... save the resources and ditch the other two "condoms".

    Use Firefox and you won't need Spybot... just run it every week or so..... just in case.... Winpatrol should stop any nasty spyware that wants to get clever. If not the firewall should....lastly the spybot scan every week or two will kill it anyway.

    Tauscan..... See above....

    To answer your question....


    Avast with Real time turned off.... I scan things when i want to.
    Firefox as a browser.... been using it a couple of weeks.... really like it....
    Updated to SP2 yesterday so the firewall is on..... I'm testing it... previously I used the WAP as a firewall.
    Testing AirSnare to detect Wireless access... If I catch it I go on the offensive... It's my WAP!!!
    Ad-Aware SE is installed but i scan once a week or three.... Firefox kills most of the crap so it's almost not worth the scan time.


    This one is a bit more complex and the remote firewalls, (including WAP, Snort etc.), are a bit more involved so the box itself is the same as above less the airsnare and the XP... It's a 2000 box and unfirewalled.
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    I've been using Firefox for quite a while. My online classes don't like Firefox, though (only works with IE). Not to mention that PDF-support in Firefox is umm... pissing me off. With every version of Firefox I've had, if you click on a PDF-link, you should be glad if Firefox doesn't totally crash on you.

    And I've gotten really attached to PrevX. I NEED something to tell me exactly what's going on every time I install something (and boy... does PrevX tell you what's going on or what)... I'm addicted, Tiger...

    And Tauscan I usually only run on demand. I just like to be reassured by that thing from time to time

    And who cares about the overkill... it's only taking like 30MB or something all together

    You should try that thing that SDK posted, Tiger. Although that application doesn't make one bit of sense to me, you'll see that every one of the apps I have running is stronger than the others on some terrains. Some stuff was picked up by WinPatrol, but not all of it (PrevX noticed everything as far as I could tell)...

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    Hi Neg,

    Greetings to yourself and herself

    I use:

    WinPatrol............BillP Studios
    Mail Control
    AdAware SE..........Lavasoft
    SpyBot S&D
    Spyware Blaster
    Spyware Guard

    OK, I have different firewalls and AVs on different machines, but that lot is the "freeware" that I normally use


    Incidentally, most of that does not run unless you call it, or do something specific, so it is not a great overhead.

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    WinXP Pro
    Avg Personal
    Sygate Personal
    Stinger - I run this every so often
    PrevX- I ran this for awhile. I don't know if this caused my problems loading any program, but I reformatted and re-installed without it this time.

    Linux/BSD - different distros

    Negative, I have never had any problems with Pdf"s in windows or linux using firefox.

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    McAfee VirusScan 8.0

    XP firewall (cos i am not to scared about missing any new trojans(undetected)
    Also trend housecall ones a week.


    Hitman Pro (with spybot search and destroy and also spywareBlaster resident)

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    I used prevx for a bit to, but really hated it after a while.

    On my home computer:
    XP Pro
    SMC EZ barricade Wireless Router/Firewall cdw.com good price there
    Norton Internet Security 2005 (Norton AV, and Firewall)
    Ad-Aware Pro with Ad-Watch

    Same Setup on my second PC with XP Pro

    Norton Internet Security.
    Ad-Aware pro with ad-watch

    of course I have some uneeded services shut off to.

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    I have a desk top and two laptops configured the same way.
    1. Windows XP Home SP2
    2. Avast AV with resident shield up
    3. Firefox v1.0 (and Neg, I don't have any problems with PDF's either)
    4. Kerio firewall ~ free version
    5. Spybot S&D with Tea Timer
    6. AdAware SE
    7. SpywareBlaster
    8. A-squared antitrojan scanner
    9. Swatit
    10. AIDA32 (for manually checking what is running and where)
    11. RegCleaner 4.3 by Jouni Vuorio
    12. Proxomitron (used with Firefox)

    I run Spybot and AdAware approx. 2 times per week, and do a full virus scan 1 time per week using both Housecall and my Avast. If I suspect that I have something I will run the A-squared and then the Swatit ( Swatit I run over night because it take so bloody long)
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    Windows XP SP2 Firewall
    My linksys NatFirewall.
    CA eTrust Anti-Virus

    I'm not very paranoid but hey, I use IE with Active Scripting and Java disabled so I feel secure!
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    Meh, PrevX is too anal for my liking. Oooohh!!! A program added an entry to the recent files list!!!! It is teh 3v1L!!!! OMG 666!!!
    My combination is fairly simple. I only run registry monitors on demand (teatimer), i.e. when I install a program or something. I have Spybot, which I run once a week or so along with AdAware and HijackThis.
    For AV I use AVG 7 Free, completely updated. I update at least once every two days (yes, I'm that paranoid). I also run TDS3 about once a month or so to make sure I don't have any lurking trojans. Of late, I'm also running ClamAV about once a fortnight, just to make sure.
    For a firewall, I use Kerio Personal Firewall (Free edition), completely updated as usual. I also review my ruleset around once every 10-15 days, just to make sure I haven't added something that shouldn't be there to the "Always allow" list. I also have a bunch of rules added to the packet filter that allow me to quickly enable ICMP, incoming ping and the like for when I'm using nmap, for example. My browser is of course, Firefox 1.0.
    So, to summarize, I use the following products:

    Anti Adware/Spyware:
    Spybot S/D with TeaTimer

    AVG 7 Free

    Kerio Personal Firewall 4.1.2

    Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Final

    The rewards for all this paranoia, is that inspite of keeping some zipped malware around, I haven't had a virus/malware infection since my old 486 got infected by the OneHalf virus in the days when I used DOS 6.22/Win 3.1

    Not to mention that PDF-support in Firefox is umm... pissing me off. With every version of Firefox I've had, if you click on a PDF-link, you should be glad if Firefox doesn't totally crash on you.
    I've never seen this problem, except on really low RAM systems (<=64M). Otherwise, it just takes a minute or two for Acrobat Reader to start up. Try reinstalling Acrobat Reader .

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