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Thread: SysAdmin Book Recommendations

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    SysAdmin Book Recommendations

    Hi folks - having come from the world of microsoft, I've decided that it's finally time to get some serious knowledge about system administration in a *nix environment. I've installed Red Hat 9, and I have user-level understanding of bash, but that's about where my experience drops off.

    Can anyone recommend any books which provide a solid basic understanding of *nix administration? Like I said, I'm not illiterate, I just want to learn about stuff like shell scripting, network configuration, file system management, security, kernel configuration, etc.

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    First this should probably be in the books channel, I could give a damn less, but it would help you get a better user base. Second. You might want to pick up, Running Linux by Orielly, Universal Command Guide. It will let you cross reference your windows commands, with there *nix counterparts. Hacking Linux Exposed, should probably be a good starter to help you get your *nix security skills up some. Linux for Dummies is s waste of time, and you should avoid it at all costs. Linux CookBook, is pretty good.

    Those should keep you busy for alittle while, if you are going to specialize in anything, say what it is, and I will tell you were to go.

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    Check this file! It a bit old (1998) but for the Unix World, it's still very up to date!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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