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Thread: cheap laptops?

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    cheap laptops?

    I'm looking for a cheap laptop to take to school with me. I know there are better deals out there than ebay....I'm just wondering where people prefer to get cheap computers from. It doesn't have to have an OS on it either - I intend to dual boot windows (I have a copy of 2000) and SUSE and I only need it for wireless network access which is available anywhere on campus, and I would use it to type my notes. (very handy since my handwriting sux and I type way faster than I write) I'd probably surf the web during boring classes too. Thanks.

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    go to www.microcenter.com and check their clearance items. Seen good laptops go for about $800 sometimes. Look around various laptop stores/websites and see what u can find. I got a P4, 512MB RAM, 2.66GHZ Sony Vaio if you'd like...for 1,800 easy payments of $1.

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    well, i have found that the Acer brand has the most cheap ones in addiction to others with (almost) the same configuration...

    my laptop now is around 800 euros and has a centrino 1.5 , 512mb, 40gb hdd, xp pro, intel 2200bg wireless and an ati radeon 9700 card...

    (i actually have a model BEFORE that, which means i have a little different configuration).

    hope this helps

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    You could also scrap off a few bucks by building th laptop yourself. Asus makes what they call there whiteboxes. They are a laptop with no OS and you can buy them fully loaded or just with the bare minimum of parts and piece it together yourself. If you need more info i made a post a while back on them.

    DIY Built Laptops

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