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Thread: Virus warning: Cyborgs at risk

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    Virus warning: Cyborgs at risk

    I found that the other days! Very crazy but it's deserve to be share with you! Good read!

    Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Reading University in England, is looking forward to becoming a cyborg again.

    But the academic, who has wired his nervous system up to a computer and put an RFID chip in his arm, is also warning that the day will come when computer viruses can infect humans as well as PCs.

    Speaking this week at Consult Hyperion's fifth Digital Identity Forum in London, Warwick spoke of a future when those who aren't cyborgs will be considered the odd ones.

    "For those of you that want to stay human...you'll be a subspecies in the future," he said.

    Warwick said he believes there are advantages for a human being networked to a computer. It would mean an almost "infinite knowledge base," he said, adding that it would be akin to upgrading humans.

    The security problems that dog modern computing won't be much different from those that could plague the cyborgs of the future. "We're looking at software viruses and biological viruses becoming one and the same," Warwick said. "The security problems (will) be much, much greater."

    If humans were networked, the implications of being hacked would be far more serious, and attitudes toward hackers would be radically changed, he added. At the moment, hackers' illegal input into a network is tolerated, he claimed. But if humans were connected to the Internet and hacks carried out, that would push the realms of tolerance, he said.

    In Warwick's own networking experiments, in which he used his body's connectivity to operate a mechanical arm in the United States, the scientist didn't publicize the IP address of his arm in case someone hijacked it.

    While networked humans may be a significant way off, Warwick's experiments are intended to have a practical purpose. He has been working with Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the United Kingdom on the possible implications of a networked nervous system for those with spinal injuries. Researchers are exploring, for example, whether people might be able to control a wheelchair through their nervous system.

    Nevertheless, Warwick said the idea of marrying humanity and technology isn't currently a popular one. Talking of his RFID experiments, he said, "I got a lot of criticism, I don't know why."

    Putting RFID chips in arms is now more than a novelty. Partygoers at one club in Spain can choose to have RFID chips implanted in their arms as a means of paying for their drinks. Some Mexican law enforcement officials had the chips implanted to fend off attempted kidnappings.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also recently approved the use of RFID in humans. One potential application would be allowing medical staff to draw information on a patient's health from the chip.
    Link : http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-5450753.html
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    The "Talking statue" or rather in some cases its a picture not a talking statue.... and also "Mark of the beast". Those phrases sound familiar? Im not even religious yet I can see the sheer irony of it all. And to top it all off he is working with a hospital called Stoke man Devil... errrm Stoke Mandeville.

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    Excuses of the next Millenia:

    To Wife: Dambed that bloody Porn Dialer is back, I promis I was wearing protection when I visited those XXX websites

    To Boss: Can't work today, an advertising Parasite has disabled my legs, and keeps sending my brain to shopping malls

    News: The death toll mounts as Netsky.3100.AZX continues to spread. Authorities warn people to not only use a firewall when surfing, but they should also be useing extra thik condoms.. and avoid any backdoor activity...

    hmmm.. well it could be our future..
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    For the Specialist's edification:

    Stoke Mandeville Hospital is one of the worlds leading spinal injury hospitals in the world. It has done some pretty remarkable work in recovery from severe spinal injury and this work Warwick has been doing for the last few years looks like it has some promise. Imagine a quadraplegic who can't move their own arm or legs but can control a robotic "butler" through "thought" to assist him/her in normal daily living..... Interesting... very interesting.
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    Yes, but my beef is with technologies similiar to the RFID chips. Just think of a person's *cough hahaha... "implants" being ripped appart from the rest of the human body to score a few meds and whatever possable financial advantages that could come stored onto them. I'll trade you a bloody piece of the human body for a burger with cheese. And kids, thats sick, these people shouldn't even own kids, what happends when children would one day grow up and wake up and realise what ****ers thier parents are for "shoving small objects into their bodies".

    How about this, the dallor bill is the thing of the past, replaced by an imaginary object which you can not phisically carry or count out. The power over people with this new form of "money" is up ten fold thanks to one of many projects mainly centered around Europe... which is mainly the home of EU and the UN.

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