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Thread: im new and need help

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    im new and need help

    im new to this site and need some help with a few thing. so if anyone can help plz let me now.

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    What things ? About AntiOnline ? Hardware ? Software ? Hacking ? be more specific ...
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    please read the stickies in the newbie section and then ask your question again. Thanks

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    Originally posted here by 妯py展ght
    Hacking ? be more specific ...
    Holy crap... whats the matter with you?

    Just when you think a thread can't go further down the crapper, you just had to come along and reach deep down into the bowl and pull outta' wad of whatever that quote above was. And its sad really, considering I can actually remember a time when MsM was just another post-whoreing AO member... not some freaking Carolyn Mienel.

    Then the irony of it all is that on the pure opposite ends of this, you have an admitted criminal and psychopath such as myself posting here... but not even I want to be entertained with the non-sense which fallows that "l33t h4x0r" junk.

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