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Thread: Creative SB Live only working in Admin account

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    Creative SB Live only working in Admin account


    I have been trying to find a solution to this problem but I just can't so hopefully someone can help me. The sound on my computer only works in the Admin account which is my account. But not in the other accounts. I have checked the device in device manager to see if it was disabled or had a conflict problem. I didn't find anything. Everything is working fine. I would appreciate all the help I can get for anyone who can help me.
    Thnx in advance

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    give your other accounts admin rights and see if that changes anything.

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    I take it that your useing it with WinXP SP2?

    if so:
    1. are you useing the very latest drivers? if not are you useing the latest drivers.?
    2. Was it working with this installation with the other users.. or never.. if it was what was installed just befor the problem started?
    3. If it never worked..goto 1.. creative live is a dog of a card.. it is easily pissed off with onboard sound

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    There are XP issues with several soundblaster cards. Go look for new drivers and workarounds at www.soundblaster.com
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