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Thread: Ipod Wheel Broke..

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    Ipod Wheel Broke..

    I am currently in Japan and on the english site it lists the repair sites and stuff but I am not sure if I can send it to them considering it has a Japanese apple 1 year warranty. I know we have a big Apple store in Ginza but the guy who I bought it from at the PC Depot told me it wouldn't be a good idea to take it to them. I dont know why and I dont think he felt like explaining why, it would be quite difficult b/c of his bad english, he did give me a number I will try that later. If my wheel repair isn't covered in my Warranty is there any company that offers services like IPOD wheel/screen repair? My screen has a few scratches and I would like it professionally done. I do know of the cleaner and the ice cream repair stuff from radtech.us but it seems like there is plenty roof for error and I heard the results arent promising. If anybody knows of any ipod repair services other than apple or maybe a procedure on how to use apples care plan and if they will be able to help me. If theres a way I can fix it myself that would be great too but I dont want to void the warranty if they can tell I tampered with it. When I push on the wheel it works on certain things like play pause or the back button but the scrolling up and down through the list doesnt work, I don't know if it was from running in the rain or what. Thanks.

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    Uh.. Have you checked with Apple Japan by calling them at one of the phone numbers at the bottom of the screen? At the least they should be able to fix the wheel (not sure about the screen). The problem with the screen is that even if they replace it, it still will get nicks and scratches over time. I'd say call Apple Japan first since it is under warranty. There is no reason why this thing should have broken if you've had it less than a year.
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