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Thread: Microsoft Operations Management....what do ya think?

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    Microsoft Operations Management....what do ya think?

    Hi everyone,

    Is anyone out there using MOM (Microsoft Operations Management) and if so, what is you opinion of the product and it's usefulness for monitoring server events? I would like to hear both good or bad opinions, and suggestions for other third party products that might be better.

    I am would be running this in an entirely MS Win2k environment.

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    I have used MOM a little bit, but I am much more familiar with the NetIQ appmanager application. MOM and Appmanager are very similiar, mainly because MS bought the rights to repackage Appmanager as MOM. They made some changes, but the basic underlying system is almost entirely based on the Appmanager product. If nothing else I would recommend Appmanager because the installed user base has been larger, that could have changed, and there are better user forums for the appmanager product.

    MS has some built some better reporting tools around MOM than what Appmanager has, but if you are wanting a system that monitors machine performance and logs and takes action based on what you want it to do, I don't think there is a better product for Windows than Appmanager.

    I wouldn't recommend using any of these tools out of the box as the basic alerts and alarms can leave a lot to be desired. However, if you are good with VB script custom alarms can be whipped out in no time at all. MOM may have programming support for other languages than VB script.

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    I agree that AppManager is a superior product. But if you're interested in security management in a Windows environment, you should check out NetIQ Security Manager and NetIQ Vulnerability Manager at:


    They are both fairly advanced products that do a good job of both assessing vulnerabilities and also managing security events.

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