Greetings all,

My name is Russ Dillion, and I just joined the forum this morning. I was referred to the site / forum by a friend who I play online games with. I have been in the IT field for approx. 5 1/2 yrs., after a 14 year stint in health care. The forum environment is a bit new to me, so please hang in there with me. I am looking forward to participating and being a positive addition and contributor.

Most of my experience in the field has been with Microsoft products. However, the future of the company I was at wasn't too bright, so I took a new position with a small construction company to manage the network and infrastructure. The directory services here are Novell based, so I am working to try to learn how things work in the Novell world.

Beyond the work side of IT, I enjoy web programming (most of experience is just in .asp to this point), and online gaming. I also have a strong interest in security and network protection, and to that end am currently trying to learn how to build an effective firewall using Linux.

I am looking forward to meeting you folks, and sharing good ideas.

Best regards,

Russ Dillion