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Thread: change ip adress in the router

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    change ip adress in the router

    guys I need to know how to change the wan ip address & the other settings in the router or is it positive to change

    the router settings , or will I go to my DSL provider to report if it is possible to change ip settings in the router !!!

    I really need help guys regarding my internet cafe, Its a long story if I will post it here... ( its about gaming our ip adress is banned in the AERO Ragnarok Server)

    Any post guys will do.. is it positive to change the ip settings Im using Linksys as my router ...

    POST pls. ASAP .....

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    Wan IP can be renewed thru the router by entering the IP address of the router entering the security info user name and pass and navigate to area where you can release and renew the wan IP address Or turn network completely off for a few hours and plug it back in, the IP will generate a new IP automaticly. If you want to change the LAN IP address, in the router there will be a configuration area where you can specify what IP you would like besides the default like to

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    Talk to your provider. You cannot change your WAN ip without their help and consent.
    You can change it on your router but I'm sure you won't get any connection after that.
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    First of all it all depends on what kind of router you are using..... not all routers have friendly internet setups, some have to be done via console.

    SirDice was right, your ISP is the one assigning you an IP, you cant just up and choose one. But if that IP is blocked, there is a chance the whole range might be blocked, so having your ISP change the IP will do jack squat in that situation.

    If you get more spacific about your internet connection, and what kind of connections you are trying to do there are other alternatives, like maybe a BNC? bouncing your traffic towards a server which will then relay it to the destination address and the incomming address would be that of the BNC.

    good luck

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