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Thread: i would like some help

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    Question i would like some help

    i would like some help with learning about this site and how to hack. i know my first thread wasnt the best and sry for that. so now im trying to make it up. so if anyone would like to help me please do. cause i would really like the help.

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    Ok i'll try to be as thorough as possible9even though is 1 AM and i got schol in 5 hours )

    Go here: http://www.antionline.com/index.php?&s=

    and look under what category your question would fit best.

    Rule: Don't ask us to help you hack in any illegal way, we won't help you.

    To lean about the site visit the FAQ:


    every question is answered there concerning the site.

    Now, off you go to the forums and ask us a specific question
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