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    I wanna chat safely without messenger or registering or downloading any sort of file.
    Is there any webpage that does this ?

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    Bleh you need to be a little more precise with what you are looking for. Are you looking for a form of chat software but not an IM client? Perhaps an ICQ of sorts? Please be a little more specific in what you are looking for.
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    Hey Hey,

    You could always chat with other AO members (and others of course).. without download anything by accessing the Web interfaces of both http://irc.seeminglyrandom.info and http://irc.unerror.com

    We're always interested in New users.

    There's also SMDC running @ http://www.smdc-network.org/javaclient.php (I believe that's the correct page)... Again no downloading.. just chatting with us.

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    If it's Messenger, you can use e-messenger (which also includes secure login through SSL). It's pretty nifty and seems stable.

    ICQ has a web interface at http://go.icq.com.
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