I finally got rid of the dreded Microsoft monster called 2000 server. I managed to intall FC2 on my server and without any major problems was abled to configure Samba and copy all the files to my new storage directory. Now for the next task at hand I want to install FC3 on my laptop without creating all the ISO install disks. so I downloaded the Boot.iso file from the redhat site and created the boot CD for my laptop. The boot disk works and the software starts up fine, but I need some information. under the ftp or the HTTp setup option it asks for the web site name and the fedora core directory , or in the the FTp site name and fedora core directory. I don't know this information and I can't seem to find it . does any body know what they are.

FTP Setup

FTP Site Name:
Fedora Core directory:

HTTP Setup

Web site Name:
Fedora Core directory:

Both on the FTP and HTTP setups under the site name I can use an IP addrerss but I still don't know what it is much less the directory name.

I will give the setup one thing though it detected the ethernet interface and got the IP information from my router right on the money, so this new FC3 has got to be worth the try to see where it goes from here

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