Greetings all,

I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, and am hoping this is an OK place to start. Recently I changed positions taking over the admin. of a small network that is Novell based. Prior to this I had no Novell experience, and am trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible while fighting the day - to - day fires. However, to this point my knowledge of Novell continues to be considerably lacking. The network has 6 Novell servers and 6 Windows servers. The clients are predominently Windows XP Pro with some Windows 2000 Pro systems. My firewall is Bordermanager 3.7 with Support Pack 2. I have implemented a Windows based DNS server internally, as I was not able to get the DNS/DHCP tool to connect to the Novell DNS server. I have pointed the clients to the internal Windows DNS server, and they are resolving url's fine. I built a new desktop for a user this afternoon, and am trying to reach the internet on the new system. I can resolve IP addresses from URL names, but I cannot get beyond the firewall in terms of the connection itself. As I have continued to work on trying to find the problem, I am now seeing the same thing happen on other client systems. I know that I also have a Zenworks server on the network, but again, I am not yet familiar with its configuration, management techniques, etc. My questions are these:

Does a workstation have to be entered into eDirectory in order to get internet access through a BM firewall (I have not had this problem when building new systems previously)?
I am assuming that Zenworks can be playing a role here, can anyone give me an idea of what to look for with regard to Zenworks?
Any other ideas?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Russ Dillion