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Thread: A rare breed

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    A rare breed

    I know i'll be wondering this this weekend when i'm out sitting in my deer stand playing billiards on my PDA. Does anyone else share both the qualities of a geek and a redneck like i do? At home i sit in front of a 6 moniter display chatting away in 1337 and frag online noobs but then again when i go out over the weekend it's not past me to use a spork to eat bake beans. Also i've been know to put on a cowboy hat and go line dancing at a club called wild country.
    Well comment as you may or perhaps just get a good laugh that i'm admitting this tothe world.

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    Well im from Croatia and a "hacker" lol, thats a rare breed here at cleveland too, actually there are 3 croatian hackers here that i know of.....out of thousands of people....
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    He just asked if we're someone that there isn't a lot of us in the area, and there aren't a lot of croatian people interested in computers, i do plan on becoming something, a good graphics designer or programmer so that i can say that million of people see my product or use a product im part of...

    but then again, thats just me !
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    and no one said anything about inbreed there Specialone that came from your own mind.

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    I'm with you Aden. Only I may have you beat, I'm a geek, a soccer mom, and a little bit country. Or a lot country, depending on your perspective. Compared to my neighbors, I'm a little bit country, compared to most of the people on here, I'm pure redneck. I go line-dancing, I live on a dirt road, I drive a truck.
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    Im from Texas lol i live in redneckville and i just got myself a nice 10 pt buck :-) i drive a red ford truck but, i also know my way around the computer so i can compare to u also...
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    Im no stranger to deer hunting myself. Hell I used to go coyote hunting. I drove an 18 wheeler for a few years.... you dont get any more redkneck than that. Well okay maybe you do but not very easily

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    You're not alone being half geek / half redneck.

    While I'm certainly no redneck, I am an uber-geek, punctuated by massive
    weight lifting, duck/goose hunting and a huge amount of offroading (both truck and

    I know how you may be feeling though, as a majority of my peers are primarily
    geeks with no appearance of other interests beside starting at the flat panel or CRT.

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    We live in Texas, drive a German car that outraces all American ones in the neighborhood, a Japanese one that can tow all American ones in the neighborhood, we are geeks, highly intelligent, cute, we don't speak hick, we never watch football, we only drink imported beer, only have one grill, hate line-dancing and country music, only go bowling when we're really drunk, don't go to wrestling or Nascar races, and I personally couldn't care less if people would try to mess with this state, as long as its not in my neighborhood.

    Yups, we're a rare breed.

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    Copyright: Your a rare breed in it's own Let alone the Croatian part

    Anyways, I guess I'm a "rare breed". A geek who has an AMAZING and UNPREDICTABLE social life, yet not tied down at my age either. Err.. my father who I recently started talking to lives in Florida (he lives in a town close to Daytona Beach and also has a house in some place pronounced O-Ko-E, don't ask) and he's gone from city boy to a full-fledged countrymen which is what most of the people in his area are like according to him. Uhh, yeah I'm a serious rare breed when I think about it.
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